About Us

There are things a girl needs to know about contributing to society, leadership and personal growth. Things she should hear from a woman’s perspective. That’s where the Excellence Girls Club, Inc. comes in. We empower young girls. Introduce them to positive women and positive ideas. Unlock their potential. Help them grow. From promising young girls, into powerful young women.

Excellence Girls’ Club, Inc. seeks out middle and high school-age girls who display untapped academic and leadership potential. Members enjoy mother-daughter meetings, field trips and college tours, book discussions, weekly educational sessions and a monthly Leadership Institute. They volunteer for community service projects and an annual advocacy project to learn the value of contributing to society. At our annual bonding retreat, we celebrate the growth we’ve experienced.

We are…

  • Sisterhood
  • When I think of EGC, the word that comes to mind is sisterhood.
  • A sisterhood that is often taunted, but ultimately cannot be broken.
  • A sisterhood filled with honesty, confidence and spared feelings.
  • A sisterhood that’s filled with strong minded young women, not naïve little girls.
  • A sisterhood that means we like your perfections, but love your flaws.
  • A sisterhood filled with love and gratitude.
  • A sisterhood that means YOU + ME = UNITY
    —Brielle, Excellence Girls’ Club, Inc. 2007 Graduate of Woodside High School

We are…

Tomorrow’s leaders. After graduating from our program members are able to apply the skills they have learned and excel in post-secondary education, choose rewarding careers and even continue volunteering with current Excellence Girls’ Club, Inc. participants. We have graduated over 85 members.

Excellence Girls’ Club, Inc.’s Mission:

To empower young women by exposing then to positive experiences while developing leadership skills that will enhance their ability to become future leaders in the community.

Excellence Girls’ Club, Inc.’s Vision:

Members will develop leadership skills, experience personal growth and contribute to their communities.

Excellence Girls’ Club, Inc.’s Goals

  • Increase GPA
  • Explore Career and Educational Opportunities
  • Perform Community Service
  • Show Improved Self-Esteem by Decreasing the Number of Self-Destructive Behaviors such as Premarital Sex and Substance Use and/or abuse
  • Show an Increase in School and Community Leadership Roles
  • Nurture the Mother/Daughter Relationship
  • Increase Political Literacy and Understanding