Who Qualifies for Legal Aid Manitoba

This website provides general legal information only. Legal information explains the law in general terms and is not specific to a particular case. How the law affects a person depends on the facts of the particular case. Money from grants paid to Legal Aid Manitoba under subsection 25(2) and used by Legal Aid Manitoba to pay the cost of civil legal aid paid under this Act to persons who receive or are entitled to income assistance under The Manitoba Assistance Act while legal aid is being granted; are deemed to have been paid for and used for the purposes of Division 8. Legal Assistance Manitoba also provides legal information and referrals to other resources, without an appointment, through staff at the Winnipeg Legal Aid Application Centre and community legal aid offices outside Winnipeg. The Winnipeg Application Centre does not provide legal advice for an individual`s specific case. Eligible individuals who require formal legal representation will be referred to a participating lawyer or private lawyer. A lawyer may appeal against a decision on the amount to be paid as legal aid. People earning more than the guidelines may continue to be eligible for legal aid.

Other factors in the plan include: (j) establishing methods for disseminating information to the public and detainees receiving legal aid; (i) the name of the parent whose child received legal aid; You are an individual or a group. They bring legal actions that affect the law or groups of people, including human rights cases, indigenous rights, consumer rights, poverty and environmental protection. Read more Applicants are entitled to legal aid if they are accused of a criminal offence and are financially eligible. If charged with a summary conviction crime, the applicant will only receive counsel if it is likely that he or she will go to jail or lose his or her job if convicted. (a) advise the Council on matters of general or regional interest relating to the granting of legal aid; Subject to the approval of the Council, Legal Aid Manitoba may provide legal aid requested by the Minister, a judge or a court officer, including representation as a friend of the court and legal information or advice for an organization or agency or for individuals in a geographic area. (a) provide quality legal advice and representation to eligible low-income persons; The applicant must provide any additional information or evidence requested by the Executive Director or a Regional Director to determine whether the applicant is or continues to be entitled to legal aid. Any lawyer, including a solicitor, who is a member of the Council or employed under section 9 and who wishes to participate in the provision of legal aid shall be registered as a member of the Council. (b) impose conditions or restrictions on the granting of legal aid to the applicant; To get legal aid, you must prove that your legal problem is covered by Legal Aid Manitoba and that you cannot afford a private lawyer.

Legal Aid Manitoba may determine and, if Legal Aid Manitoba decides to grant legal aid with a partial charge, it will also determine the amount of the group`s contribution to the costs of legal aid. Legal Aid Manitoba provides free or affordable legal advice to low-income adults and youth, as well as public interest groups. From the date of its registration, a declaration registered in accordance with paragraph 2 shall bind the applicant`s assets or interest in the immovable property in respect of which it is registered and shall constitute a lien and charge equal to the costs of legal aid granted to the applicant before and after the date of registration; but no such statement shall have the effect of terminating a joint tenancy or affecting a right under the Homesteads Act. (b) managing the provision of legal aid in a cost-effective and efficient manner; and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. This is NOT an exhaustive list of the legal issues we cover. You may be eligible for legal aid if you are financially qualified and face a legal problem, such as: B.: The Council shall consult with the Committee to consider any proposed changes to the scale of legal aid fees paid to lawyers. Where legal aid is granted to a child in the circumstances referred to in paragraph 2, the Executive Director may register with a land titles office a declaration against immovable property owned by the child`s parent or in which the parent has an interest. Legal Aid Manitoba can provide legal aid to an applicant who is entitled to civil and criminal matters as required by the Regulation. A person receiving assistance from Legal Aid Manitoba may choose a lawyer or private lawyer who is a member of the Manitoba Legal Aid Plan to act on their behalf.